Optimal Life

Everyone desires to live the optimal life. For me, this life consists of living above the ordinary. It is a life full of God-given possibilities. It is a life of significance. One in which we are able to use our resources, the blessings of God to impact the lives of others for good.


As you view my web pages, you will find words written on this site and books to inspire you to live a better than abundant life. For others, you will discover your Kingdom purpose and what you have been charged to do by Christ to make a difference in this world and the lives of others.




Jocelyn Whitfield 

Jocelyn is a prolific and prophetic author who uses her voice and the pen to challenge the hearts and minds of people to embrace this great life that God promises.  She also writes on diverse topics that at times are uncomfortable and controversial to spur us to action to address real-life problems facing people and their communities. 


Jocelyn has traveled the country working with faith-based communities and congregations building their capacities to serve the poor, and those with health and addictive and mental health disorders. She has also worked in local churches throughout Maryland strengthening their capacities to not only serve their congregants but to promote their spiritual development by implementing various programs and ministries to meet the specific needs of its congregations.


She has served as a ministry leader and in public service for over 30 years. She is also a conference, retreat, workshop speaker and conference convener. She currently oversees a transitional house for the homeless women and children and enrichment and mentoring program for young girls.