Women of Faith Living Your Dreams

Do you sense as a woman that there is more to life than you are living? Are there dreams that you have hidden in your heart that have not been realized?  You may feel that it is too late and you are too old or that you lack the professional credentials. Whatever your reason, it may appear that your dreams may never come true. But, with God, all things are possible to those that believe.  Can you believe that He has a dream in mind that only you can fulfill? Yes, no matter what your station in life, God is calling you to partner with Him and join His leadership team. Regardless of your age and season in life, it is never too late to live your dreams.


 No matter when your dreams were conceptualized, every day is a new opportunity for your dreams to come true if you place your trust in God.


The Better than Abundant Life- Doing Life God's Way

As we get on with the business of living, we often wonder why the things we have desired and worked so hard for have not become a reality. Has God somehow forgotten about me—my welfare and the desires of my heart? Should I just settle for the life that I seem to have been dealt? Am I left to expect the same as generations before me?


As we explore the Bible, we learn that many of us are now living way below the life that God has planned and designed for us. God has a plan for each one of us, and His plans for our lives are above anything we could imagine or think. Jesus said that He came to give us life—not just an ordinary existence, but a good and abundant life.


In fact, He came to give us a better than abundant life. What is this better than abundant life that Jesus talks about? It is not necessarily a life full of material possessions, although this can be the case; instead, it is a life overflowing with the power and the goodness of God. We have the promise of life far better than we could ever envision.


The Apostle Paul informed us that God “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). Does this mean that it is a life without trials, tests, or challenges? No, Jesus was very clear in John 16:33 that “[i]n the world you will have tribulation[.]” However, He didn’t stop with that news; he continued on to offer encouragement and told us to “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” No matter the affliction, our God is able to deliver us out of them all (Psalm 34:17).

Broken and Divided: America and the Church


Broken and Divided: Everything is Being Shaken


Look around. There is indeed a lot of shaking going on. In the world, there is trouble, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, physical and data insecurity, and violence. And the list could go on. In our lives, there is trouble, such as health issues, strained families, divorce, financial struggles, and suicide. Even in the church of Jesus Christ, there is trouble: division, disunity, immorality, and confusion. We appear to be broken and divided people who have lost our way.


Everything that can be shaken is being shaken. It’s interesting that the Bible forecasts some shaking. We see such a warning in the passage from Hebrews that opens this chapter. Jesus also spoke of the trouble that believers would confront. “In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 NKJV). So, it appears that the existence of shaking and trouble around us is not unexpected. In fact, it is happening for a purpose.


Unanswered is why we, as Christ followers, seem to be experiencing so much shaking from within. What’s more, why do we appear unable to share in our overcoming power and capacity of Christ through us to impact the world for good? As the Church and Believers, everything that we hold true seems to be shaking. Why? Could it be that God is causing the shaking to wake us from our slumber, complacency, or in some cases, stupor?


Could it be that the Spirit of God is saying that it is time to do His business, expand His kingdom, give Him glory, and shine His light?


Broken and Divided:  Worship- The Missing Ingredient in Our Lives


Human beings by their very nature are worshipers. Worship is not something we do; it defines who we are. You cannot divide human beings into those who worship and those who don’t. Everybody worships; it’s just a matter of what, or whom, we serve.”It seems as if people are worshipping anything and everything rather than God; money, success, materialism, jobs, political officials and parties, entertainers, sports, husbands, children, causes, other little gods and themselves. No matter where you go throughout the world we find people worshipping something or someone; statues, animals, mother earth and even water.


If we are truthful, we will discover that someone or something is the object of our affection and focus rather than God. 



Still Slaves in America- Working Together to Break the Chains of Poverty

Everyone comes into life wanting and seeking a good life, desiring an equal chance to rise on the ladder of wellbeing. Equality starts out as and should remain, a staple in everyone’s life. All people— regardless of race, socio-economic status, how we look, or where we come from—should have the right to human dignity and the chance to achieve great things in America. Yet for too many, that is not so. When a people are denied the opportunity to work—to provide for themselves and their children—we will find a people who have lost hope in themselves, in God’s ability to help them, and unable to dream of a better future. Embracing the subjects of poverty, equality, and slavery of any kind can be quite uncomfortable; it was not for me. My discomfort had to take a back seat, however, this is a discussion that needed to be had. The intent of this book is not to denigrate either African Americans or the poor. My goal simply is to point to what I see as the sources of the problem and to speak to what I believe keeps a people dependent upon a welfare system that, in its current form, will never allow them to prosper.


As you may know, the topic of poverty is multifaceted: It impacts both the human and spiritual condition. When you read this book I hope you will go beyond the social and historical ideas presented here and allow yourself to be awakened to the truths; human and spiritual. Then you will know the future of the poor is not as bleak as it may seem.


There is still hope and faith. Hope that by the work of their hands and faith in God’s ability to change the hearts of men to do what is just and right. After all- all things are possible with God.